PILLOW Pageant, A.I.R. Gallery – Pillow Points

Pillow Culture showcases innovative pillows using current material technologies that relate to human comfort, beauty and well-being.

Culled from historical and contemporary global customs, Pillow Culture focuses on the intimate relationship of the human body with pillows through sleep, sports, travel, health and ergonomics.

Pillow Culture is a product line for sale and an online museum/archive.

The Pillow Culture Collection features solicited artist and designer pillows as well as selected mass-produced pillows that explore the intersection of art, science, and engineering.

The Pillow Museum curates online exhibitions on the pillow and is also a repository for pillow research.

Collaborating with designers, scientists, engineers, and medical practitioners, Pillow Culture investigates the research and development of new pillow prototypes that broaden everyday attitudes toward the pillow.